Shapes & Numbers Celebrations

8 is my daughter today (best thing I ever made), 4 is YM (best chance I ever took), 16 years ago I ‘found’ Darren in a tent (there’s a tale! best man I ever found), 26 years ago I landed in Jersey (best move I ever made), 17 years ago this month I walked into my first Bikram Yoga class (best small steps I ever took). TODAY I had a breakthrough in my favourite posture TRIKONASANA ! what a buzz. I could never do this thing before and today I did it. I don’t know IF I will be able to recreate it until I do my next class but I got an insight and that is valuable in this practice; AND it showed again how essential mirrors are. It is great to FEEL your Yoga when you know what you are doing but when you are learning to do something for the first time the mirror is an essential bit of kit to help you make good adjustments because, as you all know now, how you feel and how you look in a pose can be two very different things. Anyway, I was practicing behind my friend Rose when we faced the side mirror; her Triangle obscured most of mine in the mirror so that all I could see were my shoulders; this area was visually isolated and in the moment I focused on them to do something they had never done before 🙂 I don’t think I had to sacrifice any other part of Triangle to achieve this, I could not see the rest but it felt stable. I will share this breakthrough with you when you are in class next if you ask me !!!. But I am sharing that I HAD a breakthrough on here to remind you that I and my body are very much still learning too. Just like you. We are celebrating breakthroughs with some yummy sugar free TRIANGULAR shaped avocado pie treats!XX
Om Om Om Triangle ROCKS