Shaking & Shuddering

So. Bikram Says: “Your willpower must say “no” when no is required. When presented with a difficult choice your determination must lead you to say “Yes I will” {if yes is the right answer}. The right way is almost always the hard way. Reclaim control of our minds using Hatha to develop Raja Yoga. In Bikram’s chamber this quality is forged. Your holding an asana, shaking, shuddering, your every muscle crying out, your mind yelling at you to quit to bring an end to this…. Overcome the slavery of our own mind. Raised by parents who tell us “just do the best you can” “take it easy” … people get brainwashed to expect very little of themselves. Break free of the bonds that have held you back from achieving your true potential in life. Never give up. Never slack off.”

A note on the shaking and shuddering from Trisha.
Sometimes whilst holding an asana, muscles might twitch, tremble or spasmodically shake and you might think you are weak or lacking in strength. But your muscles are actively retraining themselves. All Bikram asanas are at least 10 seconds (many longer); as well as the steady holding being about discipline it also takes this minimum holding time to gain 100% recruitment of all the muscle fibers. Holding the newly recruited muscle fibers may be hard and they may go back and forth between being fully engaged and releasing, voila trembling! As you get stronger and you get past that shake/tremble you may then settle into routine for a while. Then the next time you try to go somewhere in the Yoga that you have not been before it crops up again as you recruit new muscle. You are working hard and getting stronger all the time.

Om Om Om “Never give up. Never slack off.”
Namaste ~ Trisha