“Set Your Life on Fire ~ Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames.” Rumi

We’ll provide the heat. Be it fahrenheit or centigrade from where we’re standing the temperature will be just fine. All YOU have to do is show up. Again and again. For those 90 minutes let nothing negative survive in the heat. Just give your best effort, struggle if you must. All so you can be re-molded, born again in the beautiful temperature so that you can move deeper into your living life better outside the room.

Yes when you are new your first reaction to the heat might be ‘get me out of here!!!’ :). Or something like that. You’re alertness and aliveness heats up in the moment and this new experience seems to set your mind and emotions on fire. You see the flicker of a spark of transformation that has to be allowed to come to full flame. At the end of your first class you have the power to quench it. Or fan it by coming again. Yes there is that tension between that old worn familiar path and the fresh untrodden expanding road BUT the comforting warmth is inviting you to purify and transform.

INTENSE? Yes. Is this too hot for you to handle? You might want to pull back from the intensity of it all, move out of the heat as it gives you your first glimpses of a higher Self. It is like you are poised at the edge of a bonfire and you now have to make a decision whether to step away from it or step into the flames. Not a great analogy when in real life stepping into the flames means certain death! But in Yogic terms You do not die or melt. I refer to the certain death of old patterns, limiting beliefs, poor self-image, the superfluous, poor expression, the distractions, poor action, the death of that which no longer serves You. The REALISATION that the old ways have had their day with you and now they cannot handle the flames; the old ways must go but radiant you must stay in order for the fire to do its job to REVEAL THE REAL, the Truth.

Will you fire walk with us? we promise IT WILL BE HOT!
Namaste ~ Trisha