Once Upon a Midnight Dreary…

Watched ‘Simpsons’ last night (yeah this is what I do when I get a night off :)) and Homer’s version of Poe’s ‘The Raven’ and of course it got me thinking 🙂 … If you’re feeling weary, afraid, melancholy, dreary read on…

Once upon a midnight dreary, I was feeling weak and weary
I needed to get off my bum, or something wicked my way might come
A friend said “TRY BIKRAM YOGA”, Bah Humbug I said, Yoga Schmoga
“Still”, I said, “I’ll make a trip” (before the doldrums had me gripped)
I turned up to my first class scared, I know not what it was I feared
The Yogini wasn’t so scary, (just firm). This felt just like an AERIE
A LIGHT WENT ON inside my head, “WOW, what just happened?” was what I said
The Yoga lady said “for good health, you need to start to LOVE THY SELF”
I finally felt I could move forward, from the drowning drearys I headed shore-ward
Now YOGA IS THE WAY TO GO, it sure is if you want to GROW
‘Nevermore’ the weary dreary’s chatter
So long as I turn up to… YOGA MATTERS

Namaste ~ Trisha