I was chatting with someone on Friday and they told me {this is not verbatim} that sometimes their Yoga took place after 9p.m. with a favourite ‘rave/trance’ tune in their lounge and that this somewhat horrified a friend of theirs that was quite classically spiritual. It made me smile; it is perfect; if you can attain Yoga under any circumstance and in any place of your own choosing you’ve got it made.

Yogically speaking, sure isn’t that the whole point? to achieve bliss, oneness, union, Self realisation, remove duality? I too have had my bliss in unexpected places and I remember each and every one; in a church, by the sea, in a forest, on a beach, in my garden, in a lake and yes, even at a rave (no chemical influence 🙂 ); and once you get those glimpses you are ruined! They will haunt you if you cannot recreate them. HOWEVER! Since I took up Yoga and meditation and learned to practice in a particular way (still working on this 🙂 )

I find the Yoga studio and the practices therein is VERY conducive to recreating this liberation again and again, transcending more and more frequently, so much so that I cannot remember each and every one, unlike the former random fleeting experiences :). It doesn’t have to be so random. BUT if you are ‘there’ and you know how to get ‘there’ ANYwhere, you’ve DEFINITELY got it made 🙂

Om Om Om Bliss Out
Namaste ~ Trisha

May 2015