Missing Darren

As part of our commitment to teaching we continue to educate ourselves in order to better support our practitioners.
So Darren is going on a 3 day intensive Bikram teacher seminar and workshop. It is being conducted by ‘rock star’ Yogi Craig Villani former director of education at the Yoga College of India. “Education is the foundation of Freedom. We teach because we love it and because the Yoga works. Our professional responsibility is to better educate and inspire our students.” CraigV.
Attached is a picture of me with the lovely Craig. The burning question is HOW is it that Darren went on this one and I got MaryJ? Something went wrong somewhere methinks. Mmmmm… 🙂
Me and my girl will be missing Darren, its going to be a long few days without him. Please come keep me company at the studio 🙂
Trisha x