“Let go or be dragged” Zen proverb (I think)

I DO like to employ a bit of Zen 🙂 ; as much as you can square anything off with Yoga you can round things off nicely with a little bit of Zen.

You often hear me say, particularly after Ustrasana “whatever it is your feeling right now don’t hold on to it, it is already in the past…” my way of focusing you on the present in the room. YES you worked hard, you struggled even, but it is over now and right now in this present between asanas everything is just FINE. So why dwell on what has gone the moment before; the previous asana is DONE. The art of letting go of what has gone before is at the very heart of CHANGE. But the posture you have just done evoked ‘feelings’ that need nurturing to keep them alive and current, but WHY would you want to do that? HOW does that serve you in the hot Yoga room? It doesn’t . Hold on to them and they will become a heavy weight in your next asana (a bit like Darren’s moustache dragging him down in Dandayamana Janushirasana 🙂 )

What the proverb actually means is a bit more worldly than my little hot Yoga room application – here it is put eloquently by THICH THIEN AN: “in his journey through life the sage leaves no traces of desire and attachment clinging to him as he lives from moment to moment. Life is following, always changing, and the sage never looks back to the moment which has sped by, nor does he look forward to the moment which lies ahead. Rather, he lives in the present, flowing along in harmony with the rhythm of life, appreciating each moment for what it is worth and allowing it to pass on quickly to be replaced by the next.”

Hang loose y’all
Namaste ~ Trisha