Saturday night. Darren’s out I’m in 🙂 and so ~
As I recognise and acknowledge I made a mistake this week
and try to make reparation immediately whilst knowing that I may not be deserving of a good outcome and I may have to live with the effect; I am grateful that through Yoga I have realisation that everything in future will improve if I am making a continued spiritual effort NOW.

I know this is true because I have been practicing this for a while and since practicing ‘in future’ has become ‘the now’ which gets better and better. And so with a mistake I can take steps to remove the discomfort even if as the bad guy I remain unforgiven!

I made a mistake, but I can’t drag it around with me hitting myself over the head with it. That hurts! How hard it is sometimes ‘tho and I am reminded yet again that I must stay on top of it, don’t let it slide, must study my flaws to try to correct them and prevent future discomforts.

My soul hums more than it ever has and yet I still have the moments when its a struggling low hum and I can’t hear it at all BUT whilst those moments disappoint me they are also a point of reference for me to show me how much ‘I’ have altered.
Om Om Om I’m not perfect but I want to be a nice human.
Namaste ~ Trisha