It Doesn’t Interest Me What You Do For a Living

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living” said Oriah Mountain Dreamer


At YM we are not tribal and we don’t mind if people don’t want to belong to our club; we are not empire building, we are just doing what we do.

At YM we don’t KNOW if you are : accountant, actor, batman, beautician, bodybuilder, boxer, cyclist, daredevil, dj, director, doctor, electrician, entrepreneur, estate agent, farmer, fireman, gardener, hairdresser, ironman, IT technician, labourer, lawyer, office worker, olympian, personal trainer, pilot, police, rower, runner, scaffolder, secretary, singer, supergirl, surfer, physio, phsychiatrist, taxman, teacher, unemployed or a Yoga instructor.


WE do not force anyone to walk through our doors but NOR do we run an exclusive club: ALL WHO WANT TO ENGAGE WITH OUR WAY AND LEARN ARE WELCOME to walk through our door. KNOW that we are here to be TRUE to ourselves and to CONNECT with people who want to connect with us and to TRY help them find their connections whilst we maintain the cohesiveness of each group class and keep things on track in the beautiful sequence. Those who engage fully will have the best experience within the parameters of the method as it is designed.

In the Yoga room we are all same same 🙂 : Yogi, Human Being, part of the Universe, ONE and we want to help One “be alone with yourself and… truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.”

Om Om Om We Are Human BEings

Love Trisha x

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