I Am Awesome Yogi

So folks, I’m psyched! After an amazing weekend in Brighton (I even got a glimpse of their naked bike ride!! Woohooo (ok more than a glimpse 😉 possibly more than I care to remember) I am so full of it I wouldn’t know where to start to tell ye stuff, I got great value out of my weekend away…  Here is one little story from my experiences there.  Like many I have thought the word AWESOME can be a little mis/over used and so day-to-day I don’t use it myself BUT for the purposes of this piece here it is entitled ~

Normally I don’t ‘think’ anything when I am practicing. I make checks, adjustments according to what the teacher is saying, I have breath awareness; but for the most part I am in ‘Yoga zone’, but when Mary Jarvis said “You’re not allowed to think anything. UNLESS you are thinking “I am AWEsome” “ I thought “mmm that’s interesting, I’m gonna try THAT” cos MJ said. And so there I was ‘Bridget Jones’ stylie “I am awesome Yogi, I AM awesome Yogi, look at me I am AWESOME Yogi holding posture, oh HE’s out, oh SHEEE’s out… oh God end… please MJ finish, I am awesome YOGI, God its hot in here, when are you gonna finish MJ, I am Awes…” MJ goes “WAIT”… Me: I am awesome Yogi”. MJ “WAIT…” pause. ME “you gotta finish this” MJ “WAIT…” long pause. Me smug: “look that teachers out” MJ: “I can wait for you…” me: “yeah I’m awesome”. MJ: “TWENTY”…………. 🙂 . That’s it. I’m done 🙂 I come out laughing. That was the FIRST set of FIRST backward bend in the FIRST 2.5hr class folks.

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY  ~ You know I encourage positive affirmations and mantras in class to act as a shield against negative thinking and I will continue to encourage them. The “I am awesome” affirmation will work when you are a beginner but eventually it (or your choice of mantra) will fall away the more you practice you won’t need it. It was a good experiment for me, I added it in where I didn’t need it and, as you see, it allowed other naughty monkey like thoughts to ride in on its back. Note that Mary said first “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THINK ANYTHING.” If you are new and thinking is uncontrolled, make choices about what you are thinking, use positive words about yourself that don’t involve “I suck”.

Remember, your local friendly Bikram teacher has a higher vision for you than possibly you have for yourself.

We see the future of your posture, your true body that you might not believe for yourself just yet.  Right now give yourself a kind thought and remember “I AM AWESOME YOGI”.

Namaste ~ Trisha


June ’14