How a YM Challenge ends…

A: “LOOK IN THE MIRROR.” Trisha Thomas.

To round up this particular Challenge I have written a synopsis poem of the week’s posts 🙂 :

At the end of this CHALLENGE, YOGA MATTERS’ wish for you
We feel it strong and heartfelt, And hope that it comes TRUE:

That You keep on EXHALEing, That Your bones STAY STRONG.
That You are never afraid of the BACKWARD BENDS, That all Your OMs are long :).

That Your Rabbit never suffers, From that hairbun on your head :).
That You exercise DETERMINATION, Like your Yoga teacher said.

That You RISE in the face of a CHALLENGE, ‘whatever will be will be’.
That You REALISE if You TRY 100%, You’re gonna LOCK YOUR KNEE.

That You let Your TRUE LIGHT SHINE, for ALL the world to see.
That Your TEMPLE forever stays … toxic monkey FREE 🙂 .

In life in its ‘shortness’ that we perceive, I believe we must seize every opportunity to CELEBRATE; especially as I get older I feel opportunities to celebrate don’t crop up as often as they once did. Whilst EVERY class at Yoga Matters is a special event, the completion of a challenge is an opportunity to roll out the barrel. We like to mark the occasion. A tremendous full on mind and body challenge has been completed: 7.CLASSES.IN.7.DAYS: Twanette Jefferys-Gothard, Lisa Whitney, Craig McGuire, (2nd) Kirsty Wilson-Seabrook (2nd) (Kirsty was first ever practitioner to sign up for our first YM Challenge :)), 10.CLASSES.IN.10.DAYS: Sandrine L’Hotellier(converted 7 to 10), Anna Le Brocq (converted 7 to 10), Katy Pierce (converted 7 to 10), Kim Jenkins (4th) Kim Lamb (2nd) and Kathy Ransom (3rd challenge). Dannielle Gallagher , Silvia Winch (3rd) (converted from 7 to 10)
the Challenge is officially over, although some challenge on 🙂 ~CONGRATULATIONS~ and THANK YOU ALL for spicing up the week in studio with your Challenger energies. Darren and I have had a buzz. Enjoy a well earned rest.
Namaste ~ Trisha & Darren
Om Om Om