Hey There!

Hey there YM Yogi’s WHERE DID YOU ALL GO?

The last few weeks have been quite strange without y’all you know!

The studio has felt empty so let’s get back on track.

Especially now there’s no excuse since all the schools are back!

Your smiley faces and lovely energy really have been missed.

And I bet your back is longing for a fantastic Spinal Twist.

The pure Bikram Yoga method is DEFINITELY what you need.

So grab your mat and shorts and top and in you get with speed.

Serving Yoga daily is how WE like to roll.

Bringing healing benefits to YOUR Mind, Body & Soul.

And just to prove you haven’t been and seen (which is rather weird),

Darren’s gone and grown himself a dinky little BEARD!!!

It’s grey.

~by Darren John Thomas~