Come Back to Your Yoga Practice

~ ! We’ve missed you shiny happy people! ~

It is always hard to find the right words for something that is essentially experiential. Words are limiting; my explanations seem so pale when compared to the wealth of the actual Bikram experience. But words have a place; they might motivate you back to class or into your first class so you too can experience the gifts Bikram Yoga has to offer.

At YM we are ALL ABOUT YOGA. No frills. No fluffy towels 🙂 We want you to learn the discipline of the sequence, the etiquette of our school and follow them to the letter so that with a regular practice there is loads of room for discovering your own experience of Yoga and its gifts and WE LOVE TO HEAR about your discoveries; that is most exciting to us. GROWTH AND CHANGE ARE INEVITABLE.  Bikram Yoga helps make the transition smoother. At first you will be very aware of your body and its pains and discomforts (whatever reason these are due to). But in Yoga you are taking care of your body and as your body calibrates (photocopiers are not the only things that calibrate! 😉 ) and starts operating in a manner that does not demand your constant attention to its discomforts you will start to be less aware of your body and MORE AWARE OF ‘YOU’; is this not a youthful experience? How we used to feel when we were children?

Your body is where ‘YOU’ live and with Yoga practice ‘YOU’ will be free to grow beyond your body to new experiences. You get to notice and smell the flowers more.  If you let your practice slide; other things make you happy for a while, new car, promotion etc. and we fall back into the traditional habit of ‘doing’ what things we think that will make us happy in our current circumstance; don’t we only do things that are a means to an end the end being happiness or to feel less unhappy?

Sure you will live off the brownie points from your practice for a while but you and your wellbeing are then subject again to chance; you are taking a risk. But Good News! YM and Bikram Yoga is always there the tool that it is waiting to be picked up again; WE ARE ALWAYS HERE when you are ready to come back. Your Yoga practice is your ultimate truth; but you have to want to know the truth first. The real honest truth and not what you want that truth to be; because sometimes the truth is uncomfortable; and for the most part the truth is we don’t really know what makes us happy because when we get the new car, promotion, lottery win things we thought would make us happy very quickly we are unsatisfied again. Desire fulfilled and yet we are not fulfilled. And again and again this happens. Not lasting happiness. There is always a new desire around the corner.

Bikram Yoga is so much more than that ~ it shows you that you don’t need ‘that’ to enhance your life; because ‘YOU’ ARE GOOD ENOUGH without all that.  Yoga shows you your true self which yes you know, is shiny and happy. Yoga makes you feel good. But Yoga in a sense has to be ‘acquired’ too. It doesn’t come easy (no such thing as a free lunch). It requires discipline and conscious effort. But once you have developed your regular practice you know you don’t like the way you feel without it. YOU WORK HARD IN THE HOT ROOM SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE BETTER OUTSIDE IT.  With a regular practice what motivated you to come to class will be entirely different to what got you into your first class. Because you will have changed. With the change will come the discovery of your true nature which is strong, free and shiny 🙂 ; come back and give yourSelf a polish 🙂

Om Om Om *Sparkle* ON!

Namaste, Trisha x