Choosing the ‘Right’

The word ‘right’ is not right! The word ‘perfect’ is not perfect!

Words are so powerful; what would we do without Shakespeare’s 800 ! I fancy I have invented a few myself over the years too :). In teaching Yoga I can come up short trying to find the ‘right’ word (thankfully there are other forms of communication going on in the Yoga room). So I may be limited to ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ and YET! YE know what I mean :).

The visions of the ideal that we have in our heads, often taken from pictures, of that perfect/right posture/action is useful, to a point, but YOUR right action or perfect posture will fundamentally be different from those on the mat next to you. Never think beyond the parameters of your own mat as there will be 20 different ‘rights’ and ‘perfects’ going on around you. Your day, your life, your history will have a bearing on your ‘perfect’ moment. And it will be perfect. For you and you alone.

When I say right, I mean correct. Correct for you in your unique body and where your unique mind is right now. The ‘better’ position may have already been attained by some or it may be in the ‘future’ for others. You may or may not be aware what is ‘right’ for you yet. You may know and STILL be choosing to stand/move in a ‘not right’ way because that is the path of least resistance at that second. It is only ‘not right’ BECAUSE you made that choice. Choose to perfect your right technique diligently and patiently. Choose this over height or depth every time. But. First KNOW where you are in your body right now and remember! regardless of how it arrived where it is, it is STILL on the move.

Namaste ~ Trisha