Change One Thing. Change Everything.

Change Nothing? Nothing Will Change.

{May 2015} Yesterday I was unexpectedly presented with a person that I associate with being the cause of extreme stress for myself personally (Yes I know I am responsible for my own stress state, but you know what I mean 🙂 ). The original period of stress was repeated and v-e-r-y long, but it passed. However, just seeing their face unexpectedly triggered something like a reverse nlp situation for me! Caught on the hop everything ground to a halt mentally whilst my internal response/behaviour in their presence felt like it was rapidly deteriorating…

I believe the other party is totally oblivious to all this (as most of the bad behaviour was occurring in my head :)) and for that I am grateful so it is just me that has to clean up the fallout in me.

My disappointment in myself that I seem, yet again, not to have learned anything (repeating old mental behaviour patterns). Browbeating yourself is EXHAUSTING! I felt very heavy, I know I need to let it go but that can seem a long way off when your that flat. Now I KNOW that a Yoga session ALWAYS cleans out my head totally of such things so I feel I can start afresh, but this was last night and I wasn’t getting a class in until this morning so I needed to do something to help transform my state quickly. I felt ‘stuck’.

So. I decided to tackle a job that I had been putting off for a while. It was just a mundane task I had been procrastinating on. Nothing amazing. Yes it was the classic; tidying/sorting out contents of a chest of drawers. ‘Getting rid’ of old stuff. Just one little job. Done… I felt the energy shift. I had made space. I felt lighter.

This one little activity is part of my WHOLE life. We are not split personality; we are a WHOLE person. Completing that one little task had a kind of ‘Butterfly Effect’ on me holistically. Changing the little things DO matter to the bigger picture.

PLUS Yoga class this morning. BONUS. Equilibrium restored.
Om Om Om Change ONE Thing


by Trisha May 2015