Bad Bunny !

Notes from a trip to meet Mary Jarvis Snr Bikram Yoga Instructor…

So anyway, whilst in Brighton I asked MJ to take a look at my ‘Shocking Rabbit’ 🙂 (just to see if she could minister to it).

I am proud to say she said “It’s not the worst Rabbit I’ve ever seen”.  I said “you haven’t seen it first thing in the morning Mary”.

I toyed with the idea of asking her if some Ustrasanas would help improve my Rabbit? (She had been happily doling out prescriptions of Camels (5, 10, 12, 20 a day) for various ‘posturing ailments’, I decided to refrain from asking for fear she might prescribe 60 a day! I’m not lazy or anything like 😉 …

Disclaimer: the picture of the Bad Bunny posted is not the ACTUAL Rabbit I demonstrated 🙂 . To preserve the dignity of the perpetrator I refrained from posting. That and I had no camera at the time…

‘ALWAYS the Beginner’ Trisha

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June 2014