A Bikram Yoga journey can go something like this…

First class… Pranayama. OMG I feel so silly! What is that funny SOUND they are all making? Their all so serious! I want to laugh.
10 minutes in: my ARMS feel like they’ve got lead weights attached to them? My legs feel like jelly!.
15 minutes in: omg its 3million degrees in here!!! Are we done yet?….

After first class… You browbeat yourself to get to each class against a wave of – ‘Cos its hot. Its hard work. Its 90 minutes. The teacher never shuts up. Its relentless. Its long. Its hard work. Its hot. But I better go ‘cos I know its good for me.

Somewhere after that…You don’t go. But think about it constantly. Because you KNOW its good for you.
And then… You go because you know its good for you. Its still hot. But you know its good for you. You feel the sense of achievement at completing each class.

…You go because you know its good for you. Your starting to feel stronger. You know you feel amazing AFTER every class. Savasana is STILL your favourite posture.

…You go because your body is craving the good things this Yoga is doing for it.
When you are new you use will power, determination whatever it takes to stay in the room, whatever it takes to keep moving your body or rest appropriately. Maybe you set some goals for yourself (even though the teacher says not to :)).

The more you do this you use more effort, focus and concentration and, if necessary, fall back on will power, determination.

The more you do this again you relax, you just turn up ‘cos this is what you do now, you just move, you are in the moment, more process driven, you use your breath more, you meditate more. And then sometimes you use focus, concentration, willpower, determination as they are called for but less and less 🙂

And so the journey continues…
Om Om Om Yogi Bliss is Coming

June 2015