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Yoga Matters

3a Rue de Funchal
St Helier
Jersey JE2 4TT

Channel Islands

Text: 07797 838376
Email enquiries:

Yoga Matters is also the happy home of Love the Original Hot Yoga, Core 26/2 Yoga, Ghosh Yoga Jersey, Yoga Gives, Yoga Beans, Yoga Sprouts and Bend it Like Bikram ALL registered business names at the local JFSC.

Directions:  Yoga Matters is on Rue De Funchal just off Burrard Street/Minden Place; ‘Secrets of Beauty’ shop is on the corner and we are on the same side of street in a pale yellow building with black gloss door; opposite newbuild brick building ‘Ed Le Quesne House’. Our reception door is a beautiful shade of purple 🙂 like our ‘HOME’ page.  If you cannot find us please give us a call and we will come out and meet you. 

Contagion Mitigation at YM: Please read our protocols before your first visit to our little Yoga school.

Parking:  The nearest car park is Minden and there is a smaller one at the top of Rue De Funchal (it is worth a drive through).  You might get lucky with on-street parking in the evenings too.  See map of local car parks here: ~ Parking St Helier

Driving to Yoga?: You are the Driver…  Parking & Driving Considerations

To find out more about how to book, our policies, class etiquette and other useful information, please visit our Love Preparation page.  The form hereafter is for general enquiries only (NOT booking); If you want to come to class this evening or tomorrow please TEXT  rather than use this form.  We should be most grateful to receive ‘TEXT’ enquiries/bookings rather than phonecalls ‘out of hours’ as we may be driving, childcaring or sleeping or having a rare timeout and we will always respond to texts as soon as we see them.

(also the bit on the form that says tick if you want newsletters/offers is a ‘standard’ on this form, please ignore it; we do not have newsletter/offers but don’t know how to amend the form 🙂 (not very techy!!) Namaste 🙂

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