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CONSIDER your personal history of medical conditions which may affect you and may have a bearing on your Yoga practice and state condition(s) which may include but are not limited to recent surgery, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, psychological, muscular, skeletal dysfunction, compromised immune system or disease. Privacy & Data Protection Statement:  At YM we take this responsibility very seriously. Any information you give will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside YM. Latest and full Privacy Policy is on our website. Governing legislation Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018.

I confirm that I :

  1. have read and understood the disclaimer and prohibitions and precautions information
  2. have/will read as a matter of priority the Yoga class logistics and etiquette information which is clearly set out in ‘LOVE PREP’ on website
  3. will read the class booking / cancellation procedure and policy which is clearly stated on the website and available in hard copy at the studio (e.g. credits expire @ 6 months / late cancellation means credit lost)
  4. understand YM instructors will presume that before attending my second class I will have studied all of the aforementioned information (as I undertake here that I will) and that if I have failed to do so I will not take offence if the instructor has to highlight elements of the logistics, etiquettes or policies to me at any future time, as these are deemed ‘the YM terms I agree to for admittance/participation in class’ and are the instructor’s tools for managing a class of individuals who are trying to learn the discipline of Yoga
  5. take responsibility for hydrating well prior to attending any class
  6. take responsibility for checking with my GP/healthcare professional about any personal health concerns that I have prior to attending any class
  7. take responsibility for checking with my GP before participating in classes if I am/I become pregnant
  8. will take the time and curtesy to declare and explain any existing physical limitations / medical conditions to my instructor that may have a bearing on my Yoga practice
  9. will declare any new medical conditions as they arise to my instructor that may have a bearing on my Yoga practice
  10. will follow the instructions given to me by my instructor and will discuss any deviation and/or modification of the asanas with the instructor prior to class
  11. will listen to the instructor and pace myself so as not to create any unnecessary discomfort or create injury or aggravate injury
  12. understand that any physical activity brings with it the risk of injury and any gathering in a public place brings the risk of contracting virus/bacteria and I assume the risk for my own Yoga practice and choice to enter YM studio and release the studio and instructors from any liability claims in relation thereto
  13. will not hold YM, its owners, employees or instructors responsible for any injury(ies)/illness suffered by me caused whole or in part by my failure to understand my own immune system limitations or by my failure to use common sense hygiene protocols or my failure to follow the instructions of YM instructor OR by my not being mindful OR by any physical impairment of mine OR any action/asana performed by me before or after class that are not in the class description which are at my own personal risk/responsibility
  14. will communicate and engage with my instructor at all times as necessary
  15. am responsible for my own personal property at all times and the studio and instructors are not responsible for any items that go missing
  16. will adhere to YM’s ‘no devices in Yoga school’ policy (and remove smart watches, fit bits, phones prior to entering studio)

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Practice Mindfully

Enjoy Your Yoga

Thank You

                                             Updated March 2020

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